José N'dongala

José N'dongala

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

José N’dongala is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach trained by the functional medicine university. He is originally from Angola and arrived in Belgium in 1990 when he was barely 15 years old. His vision of life is “healthy living” which he applies in all aspects of his daily life.

José N’dongala studied Functional Medicine mainly to improve his health, as he has been very ill for a long time due to an unhealthy lifestyle, combined with an inappropriate diet. But during his training it became clear that functional medicine/health coaching is a vocation to help others. To achieve this he created a structured multidisciplinary team to approach the health of many in a holistic way.

Through functional medicine health coaching he wants to create awareness among many people in order to contribute preventively to a healthier society. Functional Medicine health coaching is not only his work but above all a passion that he experiences every day during organic gardening where he gets all his minerals to keep his health optimal.

You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Dr. Linus Pauling

Apart from health coaching, he still has a great passion, and that’s everything that is related to ‘dance’, which led him to establish a kizomba/semba dance school in 2006: the Kizombalove Academy.

Due to his multilingualism (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Dutch…) he has been able to communicate his dance culture to various people in Belgium and abroad. Through this dance school he has managed to develop and train many people to become teachers with the aim to promote the African (Angolan) Kizomba/Semba dance culture. 

During his health coaching José N’dongala sees people as a whole. That’s why he helps you through his various health coaching programs to rebalance your body and mind, optimize your health, regain your self-esteem, get to know and control your emotions, process your traumas, help you lose weight and much more. He also teaches you to control and purify your thoughts (your inner voice). He achieves all this with his motto:

Reflect on your life while listening to your body, because it tells you everything through symptoms. Remove the root causes of your symptoms and live a radiant life.

José N'dongala

You can therefore contact José N’dongala for the following coaching : online functional medicine/health coaching, transformation coaching, dance therapy and kizomba/semba teachers training organized through a one to one session.

If you want to improve your health and your lifestyle or if you are struggling with small and big life questions, you can contact José N’dongala with confidence.

You can read more about his testimonial on the website of the functional medicine university.

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